What Happens at Sleeping Clinics?

Sleeping clinics, also known as sleep labs, are outpatient locations where you can get advice, diagnostic testing and treatment for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. The physicians are trained in sleep medicine and some of them may also practice other disciplines including psychiatry and neurology.

A visit to a sleep clinic is similar to a trip to the doctor’s office. They perform a physical exam and discuss the options that are available to you. Many clinics can address the following basic sleep disorders:

Circadian Rhythm Disorder:This is a disruption in your internal body clock. The disruption is a result of a malfunction in the clock or a mismatch between it and your external environment.

Sleep clinic polysomnography record of REM sleep. Eye movements highlighted by red rectangle.

Insomnia: This disorder is characterized by an inability to get a sufficient amount of sleep to feel rejuvenated. Chronic insomnia occurs at least 3 nights per week for at least 3 months.

Narcolepsy: The main feature of this disorder is excessive daytime sleepiness. Some people also experience hallucinations.

Restless Leg Syndrome: RLS is a movement disorder that is characterized by unpleasant feelings in your legs. The sensations include itching, aches, and pulling.

Sleep Apnea: This is a chronic disorder in which you repeatedly stop breathing throughout the night. These events usually last 10 seconds or longer.

You can participate in an overnight sleep study at a clinic where they can diagnose and treat sleep apnea with Radio frequency Ablation. It is a simple procedure that prevents your tongue from falling backwards and obstructing your airway.

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